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Rolesta H. Brooks talks straight about the various types of friends she has encountered. From involuntarily losing friends to intentionally reconstructing her inner circle, she now lives free of people pleasing. Through short stories, practical advice, quotes, and bible verses she hopes to provoke a shift in mindset and perspective. Hopefully, through her experiences you can stop trying to figure out why and instead discover how: HOW TO identify and end toxic friendships HOW TO find, keep, and protect your inner peace HOW TO break free from behaviors creating mental bondage HOW TO alleviate and maneuver through the grief of failed friendships. If you desire to eliminate stressors that derive in the form of a person, quit starring in mini dramas, regulate your emotions, and awaken your conscious of who needs to go and who’s good to stay then this book will speak to you.


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Rolesta H. Brooks


Rolesta H. Brooks is the loving wife of ten years to Dominique Brooks. Together they have four children: Delonté (9), Jaylon (7), Princeton (3), and Maléia (1). She obtained her Master’s from Fort Valley State University and bachelor’s degree from Albany State University. She is a retired Engineer Army officer, business owner, member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and proud native of Columbus, GA. 

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What provoked the initiation and contents of this book?

Life! Various experiences that continuously left me heartbroken lead me to write. Expressing those feelings on paper and realizing how relatable some of these events were pushed me to share. I believe God plans to use my transparency to expedite healing for others. Many times when you go through painful situations you feel alone. I wanted to provide an outlet to journal one’s own thoughts after reading through mine.

What do you hope to achieve by releasing your book? 

 I hope to not only provide an avenue for healing but also self improvement. It is so easy to point fingers at others and explain how wrong they are in a situation. Rarely does anyone want to take ownership and humbly ask for forgiveness for their mistakes. I hope through my truth others can pinpoint their flaws and begin to move in a direction of growth. 

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